This is it. This is my favorite one. (at Bren Events Center)

Finally! At #themilkshop with @alyssalamun. ‘Bout time I got my hands on of these. 😉😉😉 (at Milk Shop)

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Now I’m kind of annoyed. Of the six that I want to move out, three have done so so far. But for some reason when more people move in, the plot reset method doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong? I don’t want to have to keep adding people to that list. :l

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I got Bianca, and she’ll be moving in soon, I hope. She’ll be my tenth villager. Which means I still gotta work my ass off and get those other five villagers out. I still want Papi and Tia though..

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Well ain’t that a bitch.

what villagers are you trying to move out?

A lot. Haha.
Peggy, Shari, Midge, Gruff, and Astrid.

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There’s like five people I want out of my town but I have no idea how to get them out faster. I HAVE PLANS AND I CANNOT FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THEM IF YOU ARE STILL INHABITING THIS TOWN GOD DAMN IT AND I AM THE MAYOR AND YOU NEED TO LEAVE

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My life is now Animal Crossing New Leaf and I don’t even care.
College? Animal Crossing.
Work? Animal Crossing.
Social life? Animal Crossing.
Plans this summer? Animal Crossing.

Girl, bye.

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Glitching has benefits 

Anybody got some extra persimmons they have growing in their town? I still haven’t found any and I’d reeeeeally appreciate the help! 

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Ughhhh, I keep seeing guys with sleeves and its making me want a sleeve on my right arm but I promised myself I wouldn’t get that much ink on my body because I don’t want that much ink on my body but maybe a half-sleeve but if I’m gonna do it I might as well go all the way but I still don’t want to UGH

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Totes watching Madoka Magica: Rebellion tonight.
I can already feel the depression and the tears on their way, just sayin’

The only thing that I dislike about the anon messages I get, is that sometimes they’re really kind and loving and I like keeping them and it sucks that I don’t get to show that I really appreciate them, but I really do. You all help keep me going.

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